3i4iM Prepaid Card Customer Terms and Conditions


  1. Terms and Conditions Introduction
    • These Terms and Conditions have been prepared by 3i4iM srl (“We” and “us” and “our”).
    • These Terms and Conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) govern your use of our 3i4iM Prepaid Mastercard® Card (“Card”) which you are authorised to use by us in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.
    • This Card is issued to us by PerfectCard DAC (“Issuer”), pursuant to a license from Mastercard International Incorporated. Mastercard is a registered trademark of MasterCard International Incorporated.
    • We have rights to the Card (including the balance on it) under our agreement with the Issuer. However, we authorise you to use our Card on the basis set out in these Terms and Conditions. Any rights you have in relation to the Card and under these Terms and Conditions are against us and not against the Issuer and You acknowledge and agree that the Issuer shall have no liability to You.
    • These Terms and Conditions, along with the terms on the back of the Card, constitute the complete and exclusive statement of agreement between you and us regarding your use of our Card.
    • By signing or using the Card at a retail store or location (“Retailer”) which is authorised to accept the Card, you (“Cardholder”, “You” and “your”) agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions herein.
    • The Card is not transferable, and You shall not permit any other person to use the Card.
    • This Agreement is subject to the law of Italy and to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Italy courts.
    • In the event these terms and conditions are translated into any language other than English then the English language version shall prevail.
    • All provisions of this Agreement are void where expressly and to the extent prohibited by law.
    • In the event any provision of this Agreement is determined to be illegal or unenforceable, that provision will be eliminated or adjusted to the minimum extent necessary so that this Agreement will otherwise remain in full force and effect and enforceable.
    • The Terms and Conditions within this agreement may change from time to time as required by Us, the Issuer, or applicable law. We will provide You with at least 2 months’ notice of any such changes by posting an updated version of the Terms and Conditions on www.yourgiftcard.it unless we are required by law or by the Issuer to make such a change on less than 2 months’ notice. The updated version of the Terms and Conditions will state the date on which it becomes effective.
    • The latest version of the Terms and Conditions is available online at CCP (“Website”) or via our customer services.


  1. Card Use
    • For assistance with the use of your card see our Website or contact our customer services.
    • You are responsible for checking your transaction history online and knowing the available balance. You can view the balance and transaction history on the Website or by contacting our customer services.
    • The Card is a pre-paid, single-load stored value card, not a credit card and cannot be reloaded with additional funds.
    • The Card must be signed by you to be valid and is only usable to purchase goods and services in accordance with this Agreement.
    • The Card may be used to make a purchase up to or below, but not above, the available balance. The remaining balance (if any) after purchase will not be paid in cash to Cardholder but may be used to purchase other goods or services at a Retailer.
    • Transactions may be declined at some merchants (such as merchants who choose not to accept Mastercard Prepaid cards). You agree and understand that we are not liable in any way for the refusal of a Retailer to accept the Card or a declined transaction, except where the transaction has been declined because of an act or omission on our part.
    • A Card cannot be used at any unauthorised retail locations or to make any illegal transactions. Unauthorised retail locations are locations in the following categories defined within the Mastercard systems:


Limiting Merchant Category Code                        Merchant Category Code Description
4829 Money Transfer Merchant
5542 Automated Fuel Dispensers
6010 Manual Cash Disbursements
6051 Quasi Cash Merchant
7841 Video Entertainment Rental Stores
7995 Gambling Transactions


  • The Card cannot be used to obtain cash or redeemed for cash and cannot be used for credit line, overdraft protection or for making direct debit, recurring, or regular instalment payments.
  • You agree not to use the Card at any non-participating or unauthorised retail locations, and not to use the Card for any illegal transaction.
  • We or the Issuer may restrict or stop the use of the Card if suspicious activities are noticed.
  • If a Card is used to purchase goods or services in a currency other than the currency of the related Card Account, then the amount of the Transaction will be converted to the currency of the Card Account on the day We receive details of it. Mastercard will use the authorised conversion rates applicable for such a Transaction (see www.mastercard.com/global/currencyconversion) which are not set by Us.
  • Information will be disclosed to third parties about the Card, or transactions made with the Card, whenever allowed by law, and also where necessary to operate the Card and process transactions. A full privacy policy can be viewed the Website
  • If you have a problem with a purchase made with the Card, or a dispute with a Retailer, you must deal directly with the Retailer involved. If you cannot resolve the dispute with the retailer, you can contact customer services.


  1. Activation and Expiry
    • The Card must be activated within a set period from the date of issue (6 months).
    • To activate the Card, you must follow the instructions provided to you.
    • If the Card is not activated within the set activation period it will expire.
    • Once activated, the Card is valid for a period of 12 (twelve) calendar months only.
    • The date of expiry will be the last day of the twelfth month following activation.
    • At expiry, you will no longer have a right to an amount equal to the remaining available balance. This means you will not be able to spend or receive a refund of any remaining positive balance on the Card on expiry. We will not give you any notice before this happens.
    • After the Card is expired, terminated, or blocked by Us, transactions on the Card will be declined and you cannot use the Card.


  1. Lost, Stolen or Damaged Cards
    • If the Card is lost, stolen or damaged or if you notice any error relating to the Card you should contact customer services immediately.
    • You should treat the Card like cash. If the Card is lost or stolen, you lose your claim against us for an amount equal to the stored value.
    • You are responsible for all transactions made on the Card including any unauthorised transactions that may result if the Card is lost or stolen, except where there has been fraud or negligence by our staff or agents.
    • We have no obligation to replace or refund value for misused, lost, stolen or damaged Cards except where we have breached any condition or warranty implied under consumer protection legislation that cannot be excluded in these terms and conditions.
    • A replacement Card will not be issued unless you present adequate proof of eligibility, the entire Card number, the damaged Card in the case of a damaged card, and your full identification.
    • You will not be liable for any Card transactions which take place after you have informed us of the loss or theft of the Card.
    • You may be prosecuted in the event that you bring any fraudulent claim for an unauthorised transaction against us.
    • If any subsequent investigations by us show that any disputed transaction was in fact authorised by you, conditions set out in these terms and conditions apply, we will not refund the transaction amount.
    • Requests to replace a Card may be denied by Us if we suspect fraudulent or other unlawful activity.
    • If the replacement is approved, a new Card will be issued in the amount of the available balance, if any, of the replaced Card as of the time of the replacement.
    • You may be charged a Card Replacement Fee.
    • You agree and acknowledge that We will bear no responsibility or liability for the use of a lost or stolen Card if you are in material breach of these terms and conditions.


  1. No Compensation Scheme
    • You are hereby advised and understand that there is no financial services compensation scheme which covers the Card or the available funds on the Card.
    • You are further advised and understand that there is no similar scheme in place to compensate Cardholders in the event that the Issuer is unable to satisfy any claims related to the Card or this Agreement.


  1. Customer Services
    • To access information about the Card, you will be required to know the entire gift card number.
    • You will not be sent any statements concerning the Card.
    • Contact us by email at card@3i4im.com or phone by calling +39 0280889284 or +39 32700174111 if you want to enquire about your issue date, available balance, transaction history, ask a question that is not answered on the Website or if you have any complaints.
    • Contact with our customer services team will be in accordance with the terms of our privacy policy which you can view here Privacy Policy | Carta di Credito Prepagata